Narendra Singh
"Narendra Singh is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, researcher, and innovator in the field of real estate, prop-tech, valuation, hospitality, and technology. He is the youngest ever voluntary retired civil servant, during the civil service career he worked in revenue, urban development and housing departments"
1. Value My Property– Founder and CEO :

Value My Property is a leading property valuation and advisory services company. We provide property valuation and advisory services across PAN India.Our valuation and advisory services are customized to achieve intellectual insight into today's real estate market sentiments and dynamics. Our strategy consultants ensure that the client receives a prompt and actual valuation to comprehend the market value. We provide clients with authentic reports for making well informed professional decisions.

2. Centre for Urban Research – Founder Volunteer:

Centre for Urban Research is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and has been established with the vision of building a beacon to act as a lighthouse for urban development. The Center was founded with the aim of studying the various implications of urbanization at various levels, identify issues related to urbanization and its implications, study settlements to understand their nature and improve conditions, and most importantly to suggest changes in the mechanism and the dynamics of a settlement to improve the quality of life, raise the living standards and thus improve the economy of the settlements. The center also seeks to undertake the study of the various policies, Bills and Acts pertaining to Urban Development, Housing, Architecture, Commerce, industry and mining, environment and forestry and power in order to comprehend the big picture and make recommendations based on the expertise and studies of its volunteers. The current group of volunteers includes economists, legal experts, town planners, architects, engineers, realty experts, research analysts, senior corporate managers, IT experts, government officials and CITIZENS.

3. Brand India Inc. - Managing Director:

Brand India Inc is a group companies involved in real estate consultancy, real estate development, and hospitality.